Rules of Engagement


In order to assure that the users of this website are in accord with the monarchy, and to enhance the use and enjoyment of this virtual presence on the digital platform, we have found it necessary to publish both a Privacy Policy and a Terms and Conditions Of Use policy. It is expected that all users shall abide by the terms of those documents, and let those who do not read them be anathema.

Issued this 25th day of October, 2022 by order of

Re-Foundation – A Royal Decree

His Royal Majesty, King Edmund, hereby declares the public re-founding of his realm, the Kingdom of Eyehasseen. May the realm enjoy peace and prosperity forevermore.

Initially founded on October 11, 2008, Eyehasseen remained a private and hidden realm for the last 14 years. On 13 October 2022 his Royal Majesty proclaimed a new Royal Charter of Eyehasseen, Carta Regni Eyehasseen. With this royal proclamation King Edmund has decreed that Eyehasseen forthwith be, and hereby is made, public, and shall be presented to the world for recognition and acclamation.

Citizenship is also open for registration. Any member of any macronation may apply for citizenship, and while we expect our citizens to be well-behaved, it should be noted that most past criminal activity shall not be an immediate bar to citizenship.

By Order of his Royal Highness, the Kingdom of Eyehasseen is willing to enter into diplomatic relations with all similar nation states. The Kingdom is also willing to enter into certain strategic alliances that are to its liking, but as a thoroughly Catholic nation, we must respectfully decline to enter into alliances with any nations that espouse any form of Communism or Socialism, Freemasonry, Satanism, or any other such immoral and immodest means of administering a government. If you want to learn more about exactly how the Kingdom of Eyehasseen is formulated and administered, please read our Charter.

If you have questions or wish to interview a member of the court, please use our contact form.