The Official Site of the Kingdom of Eyehasseen

Welcome to the Kingdom of Eyehasseen. We hope you enjoy your virtual visit to our beautiful country.

Eyehasseen is a peaceful, independent sovereign nation located within the confines of Northern Virginia and bordering on the Shenandoah National Forest. The kingdom is a monarchy, currently under the watchful and placid eye of King Edmund. Our culture is modest, our people are hardy, and our freedom is epic.

The Office of Tourism is temporarily closed while we clear out the last bunch of miscreants who overstayed their welcome. As soon as we reopen the country to tourism we will begin re-issuing visas.

Our Citizenship application is now open. Please visit if you are interested in becoming a citizen of the country. You don’t have to live within the borders of the Kingdom to enjoy all that we have to offer our citizens.

You can learn more about the Kingdom on our About page.