Land & Water Management Agency

Here at the Land & Water Management Agency, we believe that sustainable management of our interior resources is fundamental to the security of our realm. The official dogma of the Kingdom of Eyehasseen is that we are all “stewards of God’s good creation”, and this stewardship means that we are to use our resources wisely in meeting the needs of the people. For this reason we thoroughly and unequivocally state the following scientific and social precepts:

  • resources – land, water, minerals – are to be utilized with limited restrictions upon their use and development to preserve the enjoyment of the people
  • water may not be restricted in a way that impedes commerce or interferes with the ordinary enjoyment of the people
  • carbon-neutral policies are not only unnecessary, but in certain circumstances are harmful to human existence
  • climate change – however that is defined or described – is not materially affected by human activities
  • while the kingdom is a monarchy, the concept of subsidiarity controls at the local level, and land and water usage shall be controlled by local custom when possible
  • farming and forestry take precedence over, but cannot be completed preclusive of, land use and development

In carrying out its stated objectives, the Agency is divided into several functional areas:

Farm, Agricultural & Gardening Administration

Department of the Chickens

Geological Survey Office

Rural Development Agency