The Eyehasseen Royal Museum of Art

<i>ERMOA is currently closed for renovations, but shall reopen shortly. </i>

The Eyehasseen Royal Museum of Art (ERMOA, <i>pr. “ee’-rah-mo’-ah”</i>) is Eyehasseen’s premier and immersive destination for experiencing the artwork of the citizens of the kingdom and of the world. The neo-classical building was designed by famed architect Hoshi Nakamura, constructed in 2009, and opened its doors in 2010. Although the primary focus of the museum is on impressionist/painterly landscapes, the collection also includes notable works in sculpture, assemblage, woodworks, and “found objects”. The current Director of the RMOA is Sir Arthur Bedford, who joined us after a 32 years as Professor of Art and Chairman of the Arts at Eyehasseen University in Avila.