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My first acrylic

My first artwork with any paints, actually.  Before this I’ve only used colored pencils and chalk pastels.

I also used an old mat board for the painting.  It has a lot of tooth, and not broken up well.  It made it difficult to scrub in since only the tooth picked up the paint from a dry brush.  Still, I learned a lot.

The inspiration for this is http://virtualpaintout.blogspot.com/.  The idea is to find a site on Google Street View and turn it into art via one of the traditional methods (not computer generated).  The site has a different theme every month.  This month’s theme is New Zealand.  So I “drove” around NZ for a few minutes and came across this scene on Queen Charlotte Drive, Momorangi Bay, New Zealand.

Queen Charlotte Drive, Momorangi Bay, New Zealand

Queen Charlotte Drive, Momorangi Bay, New Zealand - 5.5 x 7.5, acrylic on mat board


I think I did okay on the boats, but I redid the sky and the bay at least a dozen times, and the paint was starting to get a bit sticky.   I’ll pick something simpler next time and work my way up as I learn.

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